New: Streaming Music Player

March 6th, 2013

Today we announced the addition of a streaming music player to PBS KIDS PLAY!

The music tracks, which include more than 25 songs from PBS KIDS programs, are free to all subscribers. (They cost $.99 each on iTunes.) Children may access the music tracks through a doorway in their “Home Room,” which leads to a new “Music Room.” There they can play songs in a streaming music player by simply clicking an icon. Teachers and parents will find the music tracks under a new Music tab under Activity Search in the Parents’ and Teachers’ Centers.

Music is known to have a positive, long-lasting impact on student motivation and learning. Studies have shown that it aids memory recall and language development, including for preschool through first grade. Songs can also help reinforce recently learned topics or themes, even prompting children to rehearse lyrics mentally or aloud long after a song is over.

The songs featured on PBS KIDS PLAY! are 60- to 90-second tracks with simple lyrics. They target key social-emotional themes and encourage nutrition and body movement for healthy development, with titles such as, “When You Feel So Mad That You Want to Roar,” “Calcium Yum Yum,” and “Hydration Nation.” The initial 25 music tracks come from the popular PBS KIDS program DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD and the Web-original series FIZZY’S LUNCH LAB, with songs from other PBS KIDS series slated to join the line-up later this year.

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