Curious George Gets Results!

December 10th, 2012

A recent study published by the Concord Evaluation Group gave high marks to Curious George for its impact on early math and science learning. It’s great news for PBS KIDS PLAY! subscribers, since we have dozens of full Curious George episodes, interactive games, activities and lesson plans available as part of our program.

Here is a summary of the findings (N = 103):

  • Children ages 4 to 5 demonstrated statistically greater knowledge of the specific science and math concepts measured than the kids in the control group. Concepts included buoyancy, sound, sorting and plant life.
  • 86% of experimental group parents reported that Curious George helped them feel more confident with teaching their children about science and math.
  • 94% of parents stated that Curious George gave them specific ideas about how to explore science and math topics.

Interested to learn more? Watch a brief two-minute video on the research findings and find the full study at

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